AVT Khyber (www.avtkhyber.com)

AVT KHYBER is the first satellite channel launched by AVTEK GROUP. AVT KHYBER is Pakistan’s Premier Pashto TV Channel geared towards providing quality entertainment TV programs for the entire family.  AVT KHYBER offers everything from kids’ shows to quality dramas. AVT KHYBER stands out as the most viewed entertainment Pashto channel by Pashto speaking community with a regular line up of most liked drama serials. KHYBER TV provides positive entertainment for the Pashtuns while explaining their codes of hospitality, culture, ethos, traditions, honor and pride in the right perspective. Its objective was to transmute anger, deprivation and fear into a positive new direction and with a schema to act in an arbitrary way. It is not restricted to only the Pashtuns of Pakistan but also of Afghanistan, Middle East, Australia, USA, Europe and the Far East where it has captured viewers in more than 90% Pashtuns households.

AVT Khyber is relentlessly working on Dramas and Programs depicting Pashto language and culture in its true spirit and especially in a manner which is bringing positive changes in Pukhtoons lives.  Both channels are acting as savior of Pashto language and culture.